MQuest Group understands that optimal monetisation is only achieved when there is clear alignment between our Customers and Content

Acquiring High Intent Customers

Acquiring High Intent Customers

Our user acquisition strategy has always been to engage with users with a certain degree of intent.

Providing Highly Relevant Content

Providing Highly Relevant Content

Depending upon where the user sits on our Intent Funnel we serve the right content to ensure we engage with our customers. Engagement always equates to monetisation.

Growing Our Business

Our YOY growth is largely down to the technology we’ve developed that sits across our Acquisition Channels and Monetisation. Through 1st Party data we are able to consciously remarket users that have demonstrated strong intent, to deliver more of the same.

Monetisation & Remarketing

Users have more control than ever over the content they engage with – that’s why we dedicate a significant amount of time into Remarketing the right Audiences.

Understanding Customer’s Interests & Intent

Understanding our users interests and intent allows us to be extremely focused on forming relevant advertising partnerships. All our partners have a strong appetite to engage with their audiences.

Maintaining Quality at Scale

Growing pains, as any business knows, is fundamentally down to maintaining quality at scale. To address this, we knew that technology would have to be at the core of what we do.

Right Content at the Right Time

Capturing critical data points around user behavior has allowed us to show users the right content at the right time in their journey.











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